The Pepperoni Grill is proud to announce that we no longer will be using STYROFOAM in our To-Go packaging.

Eco-Products, a company out of Boulder Colorado, has designed a line of environmentally friendly packaging.

Our Drink Cups and Lids are now made entirely from plastic derived from corn, not oil. This uses 68% fewer fossil fuel resources to produce than traditional plastic.

Our Sandwich and Salad containers are now served in Sugarcane clamshells. These are produced by utilizing sugarcane pulp that is normally discarded or burned.

All these products are certified compostable by Biodegradable Products Institute. This means it will compost in a commercial composting facility in as little as 45 days.


This is the crucial question. Why is it better for the earth to use non petroleum-based
products? The answer comes in two relatively simple parts:

1) Eco-Products are made from renewable resources like corn and sugarcane, not
petroleum. Petroleum is a fossil fuel and is not a renewable resource – this means that we will eventually run out.

2) Eco-Products are compostable. This means that, if disposed of properly, they will
return to their natural state as a nutrient rich material, thus diverting waste from our

Taken together, these two statements provide the basis for the phrase, “plants to products to plants”. These products begin as plants, are formed into high quality, reliable products, and then return to their original state as plant material.

No petroleum-based product can ever make this claim.


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